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2016 Joint Summer Conference
Summer Conference 2016 (Chinese Session)
Summer Conference 2016 (English Session)
Vacation Bible School (Age: 3-12 years old) 兒童暑期聖經班 (3-12歲)

Vacation Bible School (Age: 3-12 years old)
Theme: Cave Quest – Following Jesus: The Light of the World
Date/Time/Venue: July 25-29 (Mon-Fri) / 9:30am-12:00nn / ANCGS
Programs: New friends   KidVid Cinema   Sing & Play Rock
Sports & Games  Exciting Exploration  Yummy snacks
Fees: $20/child
Registration: Isabella (604 345 8002)

兒童暑期聖經班 (3-12歲)
地點:本堂    費用:每位$20元
內容:結識新朋友    兒童影院    運動和遊戲
精彩探險       唱遊            美味小吃
查詢/報名:沈美娟傳道 (604 345 8002)。


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Our Vision

Connecting, Growing, Serving together in Christ.   在基督裡一起關懷、成長、服侍。

Who we are

The Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd congregation is a very dynamic, creative and lively fellowship. The mark of our fellowship is Faith, Love and Hope. Community service, witnessing, and sharing the Gospel are important elements of our outreach ministries. As for in reach, we emphasize mutual support, caring, and spiritual growth. A blend of Chinese and Western cultural heritage makes our church life unique; and lively liturgical worship brings us life renewal. 

The church is a large family with Jesus Christ the Lord as the head. We cordially invite you to join our big family.


Where We Are

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Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd

189 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1S8

Phone: (604) 872-1884
Fax: (604) 873-1447

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